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Florianópolis, the paradise of the 100 beaches

In the state of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil, we find a paradisiacal island: Florianópolis (affectionately called Floripa) , the state capital. In its origins the city was denominated Nossa Senhora do Desterro (Our Lady of the Exile), but soon it took its current name paying tribute to the ex- president Floriano Peixoto.

The city of Florianópolis , is installed in two regions: the continental section, where wholesale stores and the industrial pole are located; and on the island there are the administrative centers, the financial center and the tourism center, divided by the numerous spas that make Florianópolis one of the main tourist destinations in the country.

Floripa is an immense island that is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, which gives rise to the existence of dozens of beaches , some with modern infrastructures and others in virgin state, ideal to discover. Although 42 signposted beaches have traditionally been counted, the local population usually states that in total there are 100 beaches , many of them still unbaptized and waiting for the most adventurous visitors.

In the interior of the island there are two large lagoons, the Laguna da Conceição and Lagoa do Peri . The first is salt water and the second is freshwater, and on the banks of both there are excellent leisure facilities to enjoy as a family.

Florianópolis is divided into the four cardinal points and a central zone, where the commerce and the public offices of the city are located. The city and the island are connected by the monumental bridge Hercilio Luz , the largest suspension bridge in the country. Tourism is concentrated in the north, east, west and south of the island , around the various spas. Each region of the island has its particular charm. From the most rustic beaches to the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan, in Florianópolis there are options for all types of vacations and tourists.